Gary Johnson Sculpture

Gary W. Johnson

Award Winning Metal Sculptor

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              "My medium is metal.  My love of nature and my wife Della are my inspiration."
Gary was born in Southern California, where he spent several of his formative years, before moving to Northern Oregon, close by the Cascade Mountain Range.  Gary grew up with an abiding love of nature, including the wildness of the seas, the vast lonely stretches of the deserts and the pristine wilderness of the forests.  In his late teens, he spent a few months in Arizona before enlisting in the United States Navy.  During his four years of service, he served as a welder aboard a submarine tender - the USS ORION, out of Charleston, South Carolina.
Gary was fortunate to have grown up in a family where the arts were not only appreciated, but practiced as a part of everyday life.  Both parents and two of his brothers are accomplished artists as well.  Nature is the main focus of Gary's work and ferrous metals are the medium in which he has chosen to express himself. 
As you examine the beauty, quality and lifelike detail of his work, it is hard to imagine this work of art was once only cold, hard, lifeless steel.  Through the eyes, hands, mind and heart of an artist, a fine piece of artwork now exists.